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Citi Bike Accident

Cycling is nothing new to residents of New York City, since it offers an economical and environmentally friendly means of transportation within NYC. Not only are more commuters beginning to choose bicycles as their transportation of choice, but also bicycle sharing has become a popular option within the city. Now, with the launch of Citi Bike, NYC’s Bike Share provider there are currently in excess of 13,000 bicycles with over 800 Citi Bike stations. Although the Citi Bike system offers an excellent solution for individuals looking for a quick way to get around NYC, the addition of thousands of bikes to the street is unfortunately subjecting many New Yorkers to risk of a serious Bicycle Accident injury. It is important that bikers understand how essential it is to hire an experienced lawyer if they are in an accident that results in a Citi Bike injury.

New York City is Trying to Expand Cycling as the means of transportation:

NYC Department of Transportation in 2019 has introduced the “Green Waive: A Plan for Cycling in NYC”. This is a long term plan in place to expand Cycling as a green way of transportation, while trying to put in place improvements in infrastructure and law enforcement to promote safe cycling. Despite the Green Waive and Vision Zero, the fatalities to Cyclists are still rising. Vision Zero was adopted in 2014 and since then designated bicycle lanes have increased by 25 percent, with nearly 24 percent of New Yorker’s riding bicycles. With Citi Bike there has been over 82 million Citi Bike Trips engaged with approximately 85,000 trips per day.

103 Cyclists have died since the launch of Vision Zero, with 60 percent of fatalities happening at intersections, with 23 percent involving a turning vehicle and 16 percent with the driver failing to yield the right of way.

To the credit of Vision Zero, the overall risk to the individual rider has decreased.

Nonetheless, serious injury is always significant risk to Citi Bike riders with crashes with motor vehicles being the largest contributing risk.

What Should Happen if You’re In a Citi Bike Accident:

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If you are involved in a Citi Bike accident, it is important that you know what to do in the event of an accident. If it is minor and no injuries have been sustained, then what ever may be necessary in terms of exchange of information to satisfy the operator of the vehicle may be all that is required. However, in Citi Bike accidents where there is significant property damage or injury, it is important that not only proper insurance information of the other individual involved in the crash is obtained, but that the authorities document the accident and complete a police report which will provide respective versions of the occurrence, proper insurance information and proper information with respect to the all persons involved, including the driver, owner of the vehicle and cyclist.

In short, Citi Bike accidents should be documented just like any other types of traffic accidents. Aside from obtaining police involvement in the event of a serious Citi Bike accident, it is important to obtain cell phone photos of the scene of the accident, and contact information relative to any witnesses.

Above all else, the most important thing is securing your physical well being and calling for Emergency Response if necessary or if not, going for medical follow up as soon as practicable under the circumstances.

Your medical bills will be covered under the insurance company for the vehicle involved in the Citi Bike Accident. However, there are deadlines to filing a proper No-Fault application, which is currently 30 days from the date of the accident. All medical bills must be submitted within 45 days of given treatment.

Our firm has been proud to fight on behalf of the cycling community in NYC – after all these are the individuals who have been doing everything they can do to change the landscape despite the added risk they have exposed themselves to, and consequently the NYC Cyclist and Citi Bike rider deserve all the protection that the law provides.

Hiring a law firm that is fully familiar with Bicycle-Car crashes is one the best things you can do to protect your interests, to make sure your medical bills are covered and to obtain the compensation you deserve for the injuries sustained in the Citi Bike accident.

If involved in a Citi Bike Accident arising from a car crash or defective roadway accident, please contact our firm for a free no obligation consultation. We are here to help, and at the very least you will obtain a complete understanding of all the remedies you may have available pursuant to New York Sate Law. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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