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Construction Accidents

The New York State Labor Law provides extra protection to construction workers involved in work site related accidents.


Construction Scaffolding Accidents

Workers working at heights face a significant risk of injury or death as a result of a fall from a scaffold. Far too often the scaffolding fails to provide proper protection as it is not adequate to the height related task at hand; often not set up or operated as…


Construction Ladder Accidents

The first is a no-fault claim, which must be filed within thirty (30) days from the date of occurrence with the insurance carrier for the vehicle you occupied (if a pedestrian – the vehicle that struck you).


Construction Falling Material Accidents

The new york state labor law provides extra protection to construction workers involved in work site related accidents.


Construction Site Fall Accidents

A significant number of serious injuries to construction workers and tradesmen occur due to falls on construction sites within new york city and new york state. New york state has very protective laws in place for the protections of workers in the construction trades.


Construction Power Saw Injuries

Working with power saws and exposed blades is a dangerous activity that far too often results in serious injury. Serious injuries arise from the use of table saws, circular saws, miter saws, chop saws, wet saws and other cutting power tools such as angle grinders and reciprocating saws.


Construction Eye Injuries

Serious eye injuries often occur on new york construction sites due to workers not being provided with proper personal protective equipment. Approved eye protection is critical to construction workers and tradesmen engaged in cutting, grinding, chipping, welding and striking.


Pedestrian Car Accidents

Pedestrian car and motor vehicle accidents tend to cause the most serious injuries of all pedestrian related accidents. The majority of pedestrian car accidents in New York City occur while the pedestrian is actually in the cross walk.


Pedestrian Sidewalk Accidents

The sidewalks of New York City are far too frequently poorly maintained. NYC has approximately 12,750 miles of sidewalks, and some are certainly better maintained than others.


Verdicts and Settlements


Fatal Intersection Collision when father of young child was burned to death following collision. Vehicle was struck by a physician who then fled the scene of the accident.


Undocumented construction worker fall from man-lift with serious injury to back, neck and foot.


Undocumented Construction worker fractured leg with knee replacement after being pinned by tipping overloaded A-frame dolly.


Passenger in Ambulette involved in intersection collision due to down stop sign. Aggravation of pre-existing lower back condition with several surgeries post accident.


Undocumented Construction worker fall 12 feet from first floor with back and foot injury.


Undocumented Construction worker trip and fall on construction site, lower back injury with surgical intervention.


Undocumented Construction worker working in scissor lift when bumped by other vehicle causing plaintiff to strike portion of work he was working on in the bucket. Herniated disc to lower back.


Undocumented Construction worker fall from Baker’s Scaffold 6 feet with lower back injury.


Undocumented Construction worker fall from A-Frame Ladder. Fracture to the right shoulder.


Construction worker who fell 6 feet from scaffold platform causing building disc in lower back.


Undocumented Construction worker trip and fall on electrical cord with arthroscopic surgery to shoulder and knee.


Construction worker - Fall from ladder causing fractured shoulder.


Construction worker - Fall 8 feet from scaffold. Lower back injury with bulging disc.


Trip and Fall on sidewalk. Aggravation of pre-existing injury to ankle with post accident corrective surgical intervention. No loss of earning claim.


Settlement - Truck driver injured knee and shoulder after falling on improperly covered weigh station while putting tarp on truck.


Driver with lower back injury secondary to upstate head-on collision struck by minimum insured vehicle passing cement truck traveling in opposite direction.


Construction worker with significant laceration to fingers due to unguarded power saw.


Slip and Fall on interior stairs. Knee injury and shoulder injury with Arthroscopic Surgical intervention.


Slip and Fall on interior due to accumulation of dust. Lower back injury with surgery.


Slip and Fall on snow and ice sidewalk. Fractured ankle.


Foreign student injured as a result of eating a deli sandwich with toothpick inserted in it to keep it together.


Trip and Fall on sidewalk. Ligament injury to knee.


Cyclist struck by car while attempting to cross street. Significant open wound to hip.


Fractured ankle after stepping off platform at rave music festival.


Closed head injury after being struck on head by window while trying to open within apartment.


Slip and fall on dance floor underneath tent causing fractured ankle.

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