About Our Firm


“My commitment to clients is to provide the best legal service possible in the field of personal injury. In other areas of litigation, or in certain personal injury matters where a client may be better served by another firm, I will gladly assist that client to find the best representation for the given matter. You may always be assured that I will provide you with an honest opinion as to the merits of your case and provide straight forward advice.” – Joel J. Turney


Client services and results are our first and only objectives. We represent clients who have sustained personal injuries as a result of the negligence of others. Our office handles cases pending in the five boroughs of the City of New York, Long Island and throughout the State of New York.

All consultations are without charge. The legal fee (standard one-third) is contingent upon recovery. The firm pays expenses in the prosecution of the action. Despite the fact that the rules of attorney ethics require that the client remain legally responsible for expenses incurred, my firm has yet to seek reimbursement from a client for expenses where there has been no recovery.

Our clients are immediately informed when an offer of settlement is made during any part of a legal proceeding. Decisions about resolution are in the sole discretion of the client – our firm will only provide advice. Our staff is fluent in Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese. Interpreters are available for other languages as well. There are many attorneys who represent the interests of plaintiffs in personal injury matters. As a result, my firm recognizes the responsibility and privilege of being chosen to handle your case and to represent your interests. Please contact my office directly to either discuss your case over the phone or to set up an appointment to meet in person. if you would prefer, please complete our contact form with as much information as may be appropriate for you, and we will contact you immediately or at a specific best time designated by you.

Of course, please understand that my office does not represent you in any matter until a retainer is signed. Our goal is to be of assistance to you when sound legal representation is needed.