Pedestrian Accidents

9 Dangers New York City Pedestrians Face Every Day

Recent statistics have shown that thousands of pedestrians are injured every year, with a few hundred deaths occurring due to accidents. But what dangers do New York City pedestrians face every day? We’re going to take a look at this now.


New York City is full to the brim of cyclists who have chosen to travel by bicycle rather than jump in a taxi. However, cyclists can cause accidents as they’re not always easy to spot or hear.

2.Driver Inattention

Driver inattention, in other words, failing to pay attention to the road and other road users cause approximately 36% of all accidents.

3.Left Turns

Making a left turn is around 3 times as deadly as it is making a right turn. If you’re a pedestrian you’ll need to be aware of drivers who are making or about to make that dreaded left turn. Visibility is not always that great, so make sure you stand well back.

4.Distracted by Cell Phones or Music

Looking at your cell phone or listening to music while walking on a crossing might make your trip to work more pleasant. However, these devices can distract you from what’s happening on the road. Out your cell phone away while you cross the road and turn your music off until you’re safely on the other side.

5.Taxis or livery cabs

16% of all pedestrian accidents in New York City are caused by taxis or livery cabs. Perhaps the driver is in a hurry or they’re so used to being on the road that they pay less attention. Whatever the case might be, if there are taxis nearby, make sure you know where they’re heading.

6.Speed limits

There have been calls to reduce speed limits in the City for many years. However, these calls have not always been answered. Cars will continue to travel quickly as long as they’re allowed to. Keep an eye on how fast the traffic is moving, and be on the lookout for a speeding driver.

7.Dangerous streets

Some New York City streets are just too dangerous. They’re dangerous to cross, and they’re dangerous to walk on. If you can avoid these streets, do. If you can’t make sure you keep an eye on the traffic at all times.

8.Traffic light changes

If you’re crossing the street, you need to be aware of what the traffic lights are doing. In recent years, traffic lights that count down have been installed. However, this has not stopped accidents from occurring. Pedestrians should also be on the lookout for cars that run red lights as there’s always a risk of injury.


75% of crashes occur at an intersection. This is where pedestrians need to pay more attention to the traffic. Intersections can become very busy at times, but this does not mean you should ignore what’s happening on the road. Stay alert until you’ve safely crossed to the other side.

The above is intended to serve as a basic reminder to NYC Pedestrians make every attempt to avoid an accident. However, if involved in a pedestrian related vehicle, contact our firm today.

It is our steadfast opinion that pedestrian related accidents largely are the legal fault of motor vehicles, and we have much experience in representing the injured pedestrian in the most forceful and compelling way possible.